"Protect your business by taking control of your cybersecurity"

Swan Security Services is a highly technical cybersecurity services firm dedicated to improving and protecting your environment and assets where they are the most vulnerable.

Our dedicated team of cybersecurity engineers are focused on protecting your business by identifying security gaps, vulnerabilities in your networks, web application openings, and protecting your business from cyber security attacks.

Qualys Certified

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Vulnerability Management

"Continuous detection and protection against attacks anytime and anywhere"

  • Agent based detection
  • Constant monitoring and alerts
  • Comprehensive coverage and visibility
  • Next Gen VM for hybrid IT environments
Web Application Scanning

"Let our team find security holes in webapps and API's"

  • Comprehensive discovery
  • Deep Scanning
  • DevSecOps
  • Malware detection
Asset Inventory

"Global IT asset inventory with 2 second visibility and 2 way synchronization"

  • Continuous discovery and 2 second visibility
  • CMDB integration
  • Automatic normalization and classification
  • Actionable insights with non-discoverable asset metadata
Threat Protection

"Our team will pinpoint your most critical threats and prioritize patching"

  • Robust data analysis
  • Live feed
  • Centralized control and visualization
  • Powerful search tools
Indication of Compromise

"Threat hunting, suspicious activity monitoring, and malware detection is what we do"

  • Robust agent event collection
  • Actionable
  • Scalable detection processing
  • Streamline investigation analysis
Web Application Firewall

"Our team will block attacks and patch web app vulnerabilities"

  • Integrated web app security
  • Cloud agility
  • Full visibility into firewall operations
  • Flexible and customizable control

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